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Concerns Posed By Metal Roofs:

There are two main types of metal roofs:  commercial (which includes  R-panel, Corrugated, and Standing Seam) and historic.  All metal roofs expand and contract as the substrate heats or cools, causing strain where the overlapped metal sheets are fastened.  Eventually, the seams, overlaps and fasteners will begin to pull away from each other, allowing moisture to penetrate beneath the roof.

Rain, snow and ponding water can cause rust and corrosion to build up on the roof as well as pinholing, creating tiny holes in your roof that allow water to go beneath the substrate and can lead to extremely costly damages.

If inadequately insulated, a metal roof may collect moisture during cold weather.  Once this moisture is collected, it can frost or freeze on the underside of the roofing panels, leading to water penetration on the inside of the building.  If this moisture problem persists in warm weather, rust will begin to form inside of the building.

How NovaTuff Coatings Can Help Your Metal Roof:

All of these problems can be fixed or avoided with the NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating System.  As a fluid-applied epoxy roof coating, NovaTuff easily bonds with the existing roof.  As a monolithic System, our epoxy roof coating covers and waterproofs laps, joints and fasteners that are usually the first to break down and allow water penetration.  Our System provides a long-lasting, sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional re-roofing, while creating an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient surface.

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