Welcome to NovaTuff Coatings

NovaTuff Coatings is an Austin, Texas based manufacturer of seamless, fluid-applied and waterproof epoxy roof coatings for commercial roof repair and restoration as well as a number of other applications, including floor and deck coatings and waterproofing.

We strive to make our innovative product line the best choice for building owners and contractors for all their roof, tank and deck coating needs and to deal with our customers with integrity, expediency, and consistency.  Our epoxy coatings boast industry standard performance in hot and below-freezing temperatures, in ponding water, as well as a number of conditions that can cause damage to your building.

Our flagship product, the NovaTuff Coatings epoxy roofing system, is an epoxy roof coating applied to the existing roof, eliminating the time-consuming and often expensive process of tear-off and disposal.  Our fluid-applied epoxy roof coating system will save you at least 50 percent, when compared with replacing your existing roof.  Since NovaTuff Coatings is an entirely sustainable epoxy coating system, those savings will continue to grow over the life of your roof.  Installation of our epoxy roof coatings requires no facility downtime.  That means that operations can continue safely, while your new roofing system is installed.

NovaTuff Coatings epoxy roof coatings are sustainable, significantly reducing construction waste by restoring worn roofs rather than resorting to the endless cycle of tear-off and re-roofing.  That saves building owners money and reduces the environmental impact of your building.  And depending on the type of building, our roof coatings could cut your peak cooling demand by as much as 10 to 15 percent.  Visit the Department of Energy’s Cool Roof Calculator to see how much your facility could save on heating and cooling (NovaTuff Solar Reflectance = 87%, Emittance = 88%).

We are confident in our NovaTuff Coatings epoxy roof coating system, and we back it with a 10-year renewable warranty when installed by a qualified contractor.  If you have any questions about our systems and they can help you, contact us. We will be back with answers to your questions as quickly as possible.


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