Roof Coating on IsoBoard and DensDeck



What are IsoBoard and DensDeck:

IsoBoard is a foam (Polyisocyanurate) insulation board commonly used in new construction.  These are then covered with DensDeck.  The new substrate is then coated with a roof system, like a single-ply membrane or modified bitumen.

However, the same problems that are posed by any system with a series of mechanically fastened or adhered seams can crop up with these.  Specifically, any human error during installation creates a pathway for moisture, which can compromise the newly-constructed building and cost owners in spot repairs as well as damage to the substrate beneath these systems.

How NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating Can Extend The Life of Your New Roof:

The same properties that make our Epoxy Roof Coating System ideal for restoration and protection of an existing roof make it one of the best choices for a newly-constructed IsoBoard and Densdeck roof.  As a fluid-applied epoxy roof coating, NovaTuff Coatings easily and completely bonds with the new substrate, filling all areas where water penetration could occur.  Our epoxy roof coating provides a long-lasting, seamless and sustainable barrier that prevents the damages caused by moisture while providing superior reflectivity.

Materials Needed:


Install Guide Iso & DensDeck


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