Roof Coating on Single-Ply Roofs


What Is a Single-Ply Roof: 

Single-Ply Roof refers to a number of roofing systems in which the principal covering is a single layer of flexible membrane, generally sold in rolls.  A single-ply roof’s membrane is usually a thermoset or thermostatic substance, such as EPDM, PVC and TPO.  The sheets are then rolled across the surface of the roof, and a hot-air welder is used to adhere the seams.

The seams and the fasteners that hold them to the substrate tend to be problem areas with any single-ply roof, because, if the installer makes any error, the seam will not be fully adhered.  This creates a pathway for water penetration, and because the sheets are mechanically fastened, swelling and contraction of the substrate caused by seasonal heating and cool can cause the sheets to pull away from each other.

How Can NovaTuff Coatings Protect Your Single-Ply Roof:

As a fluid-applied epoxy roof coating system, NovaTuff Coatings easily bond with the existing roof, filling all areas where water penetration has occurred.  Our epoxy roof coatings form a monolithic layer over the numerous laps, seams and flashing details that can become problem areas on single-ply roofs.  The NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating System creates a long-lasting, seamless and sustainable watertight barrier that protects against water, ultra-violet radiation, and heat.

Materials Needed:


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