NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating

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NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating

Our flagship product, NovaTuff RC-100 Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating, is a fluid-applied roof coating system that provides a lasting waterproof barrier on your roof without the hassle and cost of tear-off and clean-up. Our epoxy roof coating system can be applied over your existing roof, which saves you at least 50% upfront of the cost of installing a new roof, and those are savings that will continue to grow over the life of your building. This flexible, resilient, and elastomeric epoxy roof coating is fully reinforced with a durable stitch-bond, non-woven fabric perfect for all flashing and roofing applications. Our epoxy roof coating system is safe to handle and requires no specialized equipment to install. When properly installed, our system provides a long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing surface. And, as a CRRC listed cool roof coating NovaTuff RC-100 gives far greater energy efficiency.

Advantages and Benefits

Non-Disruptive Installation:
  • No drilling, nailing, or seam welding needed. In addition, the HVAC units can remain in place, eliminating facility downtime and minimizing disruption to your daily business activities.
Lower Maintenance:
  • NovaTuff Coatings epoxy roof coatings are specially designed with UV-blockers to prevent roof degradation caused by the sun’s rays. Our roof system protects your roof from foot traffic and the elements, including hail and other harsh conditions that can lead to water penetration.
Seamless System:
  • Our epoxy roof coating is specially formulated to create a continuous monolithic membrane, eliminating traditional seams and fasteners, which are normally the first site of leaks and other damage.
Fast and Simple Installation:
  • NovaTuff Coatings epoxy roof coatings reduce overall time for installation, saving building-owners’ money and contractors’ time. Our coatings are also formulated to withstand moisture while curing, eliminating wash-off during and after installation.
Cost Effective:
  • NovaTuff Roof Coatings offer significant value when compared with reroofing. Depending on the building, they can also drastically reduce cooling costs and maintenance costs over the life cycle of the building.
Environmentally Friendly:
  • Our epoxy roof coatings are environmentally friendly and can extend the life of your roof indefinitely, and since they’re applied directly over the existing roof, there’s no tear-off or removal cost, saving building owner’s money and keeping waste out of landfills.
  • The NovaTuff Coatings epoxy roof coating creates a seamless, multi-layered waterproof membrane that treats all areas where water penetration normally occurs, and unlike most coatings, NovaTuff Coatings will even withstand ponding water after curing.

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