NovaTuff Epoxy Floor and Deck Coatings

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NovaTuff Epoxy Flooring Systems protect commercial and industrial floors from a wide range of chemicals, solvents, acids and hydrocarbons while creating a skid free surface that can stand up to heavy vehicle and foot traffic.  Our flooring systems are safe to handle and require no specialized equipment to install.  When properly installed, our epoxy floor system provides a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing surface, and like our Roofing System, we stand behind it with a 3 to 5 year warranty when installed by a qualified applicator.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • 3 to 5 year warranty
  • Completely watertight system
  • Long-lasting protection from weathering, abrasion and caustic or corrosive substances
  • Withstands heavy vehicle traffic, such as that found in an airplane hanger
  • Superior resistance to UV oxidation
  • Low-maintenance and easily repaired
  • 100% adhesion to substrate, even to damp surfaces
  • Retains flexibility through years of exposure to hard conditions, even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Withstands most chemicals, traffic and extreme climates
  • Will not support the growth of algae, mildew or black mold


Where Can the NovaTuff Deck Coating System Be Used?

Floor - Concrete Exterior

Exterior Concrete Deck with Heavy Foot Traffic

Because it is a porous material, bare concrete is not waterproof, allowing water to penetrate.  This can compromise the slab and surrounding supports, or, if the deck is on top of a structure, leaks can lead to costly damages to the interior of the building.  Wet concrete can also be extremely slippery, resulting in slip-and-fall accidents and potential liability. Not to mention, aging, stained concrete is just an eye sore.


Floor - Concrete with Forklift

Interior Concrete Floor with Vehicle Traffic

Uncoated concrete floors are far more difficult to clean and can become a hazard when a spill occurs in a busy work environment, because the surface can become slippery.  Depending on the substance, spills can also damage the slab itself. Most coatings that are designed to deal with these problems can’t withstand the constant stress of heavy vehicle traffic, and some will even peel away from concrete when trucks, whose tires have been heated over an extended drive, pass over.


Floor Coating Color Chart
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