Roof Coatings on Built Up Roofs and Modified Bitumen


What Is a Built Up Roof:

A built up roof (BUR) is comprised of layers of reinforcing felt between asphalt or tar. The asphalt or coal tar is heated and liquified in a container and, then, mopped or applied with a mechanical spreader onto the substrate. If the asphalt is overheated, blistering and slipping between the felt sheets occurs, causing the roof system to age more rapidly.

As it ages and spot repairs are made, most built up roofs will begin alligatoring, referring to the formation of a network of fine cracks across the substrate and leading to water penetration as well as damage to the building.

There are two main types of built-up roof: Smooth BUR and Granulated BUR. A Granulated BUR has had gravel broadcasted over the surface to protect the roof from UV damage. gravel adds an additional 4 lbs/square foot, additional weight that can cause sagging and lead to ponding water.

Either surface is a great candidate for the NovaTuff Epoxy Roof Coating System.

What Is a Modified Bitumen Roof:

A Modified Bitumen roof is a hybrid BUR and is usually sold in rolled sheets, which are then hot-mopped (with heated asphalt) or torch-applied to the roof. If the seams aren’t properly heated, voids and blisters can occur. As the system ages, weak seams and flashing details crack and pull apart, providing a perfect pathway for water penetration.

How NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating System Can Help Your BUR or Modified Bitumen Roof:

As a fluid-applied epoxy roof coating system, NovaTuff easily bonds with the existing substrate, filling all areas where water penetration has or could have occurred. Our Epoxy Roof Coating System provides a long-lasting and sustainable barrier that halts the progression of erosion, and as a seamless membrane, it is uniquely suited to tackle the problems faced by those with BUR and Modified Bitumen roofs.

Materials Needed:

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