Waterproofing for Tanks and Fountains

Fountain - WaterproofingWaterproofing Tanks and Fountains

Protect your investments with our waterproofing solutions.  Create a watertight barrier for your tanks and fountains.  Our flexible and resilient elastomeric coatings have been used to prevent and solve leaks where many other products have failed.  Our waterproofing systems are safe to handle and require no specialized equipment to install.  When properly installed, our system provides a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing surface, and, like our roofing system, we’ll stand behind it with a 3 to 5 year warranty when installed by a qualified applicator.


Advantages and Benefits

NovaTuff PC-425 Soft Black
NovaTuff PC-425 Soft Black
  • 3 to 5 year warranty
  • Completely watertight system
  • Long-lasting protection from weathering, abrasion and caustic or corrosive substances
  • Superior resistance to UV oxidation
  • Low-maintenance and easily repaired
  • 100% adhesion to substrate, even to damp surfaces
  • Retains flexibility through years of exposure to harsh conditions, even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Will not support the growth of algae, mildew or black mold


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