NovaTuff RC-100 Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating

Product Information

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NovaTuff RC-100 is a flexible epoxy roof coating, two-part epoxy designed to protect a variety of surfaces. When cured, NovaTuff RC-100 forms a flexible, rubber-like membrane that is UV stable and withstands ponding water. It is especially suited to applications where chemical or corrosion protection is needed and where moisture content may prevent the use of other coatings.

Application Areas:

NovaTuff RC-100 is excellent for waterproofing: EPDM, TPO, PVC, built-up, single ply, polyurethane foam, concrete, and metal roofs.


  • Will not spread flame.
  • Withstands ponding water.
  • Provides excellent protection against acids, bases and petroleum based products.
  • Provides excellent protection against salt spray for oceanfront properties.
  • Does not support the growth of fungi.

Benefits of a Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating

  • Provides a secure barrier to water penetration.
  • Rain will not adversely affect coating during application.
  • Adheres even to damp surfaces without priming.
  • A smooth non porous surface which allows dirt to wash off during a rain storm.
  • 100% adhesion of product to substrate.
  • Retains flexibility in freezing conditions.
  • Surface will not exceed 10ºF above ambient temperature.
  • Sustainable roofing system that saves expensive tear-off and disposal.
  • 10 yr. extendable warranty available for roofs.


Surfaces must be cleaned free of grease, oil, films, dust, or any other contaminants. All roof surfaces must be pressure-washed to remove any barrier films. Metal must be free of mill scale, oils, rust, etc. Hard-finished concrete should be etched to provide profile (or “tooth”) for optimal adhesion. These preparation procedures are general guidelines. Detailed preparation methods are available through SSPC at or 412-281-2331 or NACE at or 281-228-6200.


The mixing of parts A & B is very important! NovaTuff RC-100 Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating has a mixing ratio of 3 parts “B” to 1 part “A”. Use a power mixer to thoroughly combine both parts. Mix for at least one (1) minute per gallon. Allow idle activation time for at least ten (10) minutes.


NovaTuff RC-100 Flexible Epoxy Roof Coating can be applied by airless spray equipment, brush or roller. NovaTuff RC-100 should be applied at approximately 100-sq. ft. per gallon. Surface configuration, weather, or area surroundings may dictate the application method. A two-coat application is recommended to help insure complete protection.  Surfaces subject to significant movement or other difficult conditions may require heavier applications and the use of an approved roofing fabric. All transitions of surface materials should be covered with NovaTuff RC-100 and roofing fabric. All penetrations should be sealed with NovaTuff C-300 caulking compound. Apply only when air temperature is 37° F and rising with no forecasted freeze or snow for a minimum of 48 hours.

Dry Film Application Rate:

To Yield Dry Film Of Apply Sq. Ft. Per Gallon
13 mils 100 Sq. Ft.
6.5 mils 200 Sq. Ft.

DO NOT apply product heavier than 20 mils per coat. If more is needed, apply in multiple coats. Allow NovaTuff RC-100 to become tack-free before applying additional coats or approximately 8hrs at 80ºF.


Thinner is only necessary when spraying. Add no more than 2 quarts of Xylene per 5 gallons of epoxy.  Thinner should only be added after the activation process is complete.  Note: Thinning retards cure time and increases possibility of bleed through.


NovaTuff RC-100 should always be applied in well-ventilated areas.  Surfaces should be free of foreign matter.  DO NOT apply product near an open flame.

Clean Up:

Application equipment should be cleaned immediately with lacquer thinner.  Use Apple Cider Vinegar to clean hands and skin.  Do not allow coating to remain on tools!  Once it sets and is cured, it is difficult to remove.

Note:  Never bring Apple Cider Vinegar or any other cleaning product up on roof surface.  If spilled, it could hinder the curing or adhesion of the product.


1-gallon units:

  • 1 gal can containing .75 gallon of Base (part “B”)
  • 1 qt can containing .25 gallon of Activator (part “A”)

4-gallon units:

  • 3 gal pail containing 3 gallons of Base (part “B”)
  • 1 gal can full containing Activator (part “A”)

20-gallon units:

  • Five 5 gal pails containing 3 gallons of Base (part “B”)
  • One 6 gal pail containing 5 gallons of Activator (part “A”)

(Approximate weight of product: 11.5 lb/gal)

Testing and Misc:

  • Color: NovaTuff Standard Colors (White, Tan, and Grey)
  • Solids Content: 83% Solids
  • Mixing Ratio: 3 Parts “B” to 1 part “A” (3:1)
  • Flame Spread Class “A” (ASTM-E108) Pass
  • Salt-Fog Testing (ASTM B-117): 500 hrs.- pass
  • Permeance (ASTM D-1653) 0.8 perms
  • Water Swelling (ASTM – D471) 1.7%
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638): 1393 psi 210% elongation
  • Adhesion: 210 lbs./sq. in.
  • Tear Resistance (ASTM D-624) 118 lb/in
  • Fungi Resistance (ASTM G-21) 0 (Pass)
  • Low Temperature Flex -15° F (ASTM D-522) Pass
  • Controlled Impact (21/2 inch simulated hail) No Rupture
  • Polyurethane Foam (36 to 40 mils) No Rupture
  • Metal (24 to 26 mils) No Rupture
  • 1000 hr. accelerated weathering (ASTM D-4798) Pass (No cracking or checking)
  • Solar Reflectance (ASTM C 1549) 0.87
  • Emittance (ASTM C 1371-04a) 0.88
  • Solar Refléctense Índex (ASTM E 1980) 110

Curing Time:

Pot Life: 4 hrs @ 80°F

Drying Time: 8 hrs @ 80°F

Complete: 7 days @ 80°F

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions:

NovaTuff RC-100 has a 12 month shelf life if unopened and stored between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not allow products to freeze.


For further assistance, contact one of our technicians via phone or e-mail:

(512) 617-7333

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