NovaTuff Coatings Roof Coating on Concrete Roofs


Concerns Posed By a Concrete Roof:

One of the main problems facing building owners with a concrete roof is the material’s porous nature and tendency to crack. These cracks, micro-fissures and imperfections form on the surface and allow water to seep into the slab, which lead to leaks and can cause corrosion of the rebar that reinforces your concrete roof. In addition to leaks that damage the contents of the building, the structural integrity will be compromised over time if not taken care of.

How NovaTuff Coatings Epoxy Roof Coating System Can Protect Your Concrete Roof:

As a fluid-applied epoxy roof coating system, NovaTuff Coatings easily bond with the existing substrate, filling all areas where water penetration has occurred. When properly installed, our Epoxy Roof Coating System forms a long-lasting and sustainable watertight barrier that extends the life of your roof and protects against leaks and UV radiation, one of the main causes of breakdown on non-coated concrete roofs.

Materials Needed:

Install Guide Concrete Roofs

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