White, Green or Black Roofs? Berkeley Lab Report Compares Economic Payoffs

A recent Berkeley Lab study, published online in January 2014, found white roofs are more cost-effective than black or green ones over a 50-year period when installation, maintenance and a building’s subsequent energy use are considered. It said they cost $2 less per square foot than black roofs and $9 per square foot less than even the least expensive green roofs.

“White roofs win based on the purely economic factors we included, and black roofs should be phased out,” author Arthur Rosenfeld said in releasing the findings. He said white and green roofs do “a good job at cooling the building and cooling the air in the city, but white roofs are three times more effective at countering climate change than green roofs.”

The entire report is available at http://newscenter.lbl.gov/2014/01/21/white-green-or-black-roofs-berkeley-lab-report-compares-economic-payoffs/

NovaTuff Roof Coating Systems bring our customers a lower cost of installation in addition to continued savings over the life of the building. Plus, they are better for the environment and help to reduce heat island effect.

Ask your local NovaTuff representative for more information about the benefits of a cool roof coating.Cost Savings Chart - White-Green-Black Roof - Berkeley Lab

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