Choosing the right tools for the job

We are often asked “what should I use to apply your coating”? “Can I spray NovaTuff?” Using the right tools for the job is an essential key to a successful coating installation.

Solvent resistant brushes, roller covers, and spray equipment are best suited for NovaTuff epoxy application. Roller covers should have a phenolic core (not cardboard) and are usually labeled as “better” or “best”. Spray equipment must have solvent resistant seals, hoses and fittings. Refer to the attached technical data sheet for more information on application tools and spray rigs.

Remember that proper surface preparation is the most important part of any coating project. Coatings installers often say that prep work is 75% of the job. NovaTuff provides detailed installation guides, which are available on the NovaTuff website or from a local NovaTuff retailer.

TDS Application Equipment Spray Brush Roller NovaTuff



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