NovaTuff P-550 Metal Epoxy Primer

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NovaTuff P-550 is a high-solids polyamide-epoxy resin. The formulation includes a long pot life as well as flexible properties. NovaTuff P-550 is designed especially for application to rusted galvanized metal roof panels as a base coat. NovaTuff P-550 is used over any metal substrate to prevent any oxidation and can also be applied to metals with existing rust to prevent further degradation. NovaTuff P-550 also has a low sensitivity to substrate moisture, allowing it the ability to bond when applied to a damp surface.


Surfaces should be free of mill scale, oil, paint, films, grease, soluble salts, and other contaminants.  Sand blasting to white metal is necessary in some cases.  Latinate and other loosely bound materials should be removed to provide a solid bonding surface.

The preparation procedures above are general guidelines. Detailed preparation methods are available through SSPC at or 412-281-2331 or NACE at or 281-228-6200.


The mixing of parts A & B is very important!  NovaTuff P-550 has a mixing ratio of 3 parts “B” to 1 part “A”.  Use a power mixer to thoroughly mix part “B” before combining both parts.  Mix part “A” and “B” for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Allow idle activation time for a minimum of 10 minutes.


Brush, 3/8″ nap roller cover, or airless spray equipment may be used to apply NovaTuff P-550.  Surface configuration, weather, or area surroundings will dictate application method. Apply only when air temperature is 40° F and rising with no forecasted freeze or snow for a minimum of 48 hours.

Dry Film Applications:

To Get A Dry Film Of Apply Sq. Ft. Per Gallon
12 mils 100 Sq. Ft.
6 mils 200 Sq. Ft.

DO NOT apply product heavier than 100 sq. ft. per gallon per coat. For a heavier dry film, apply necessary number of coats. NovaTuff P-550 may be applied to damp surfaces but it is best to have a dry surface if possible.


NovaTuff P-550 should be applied in well-ventilated areas.  Surfaces should be free of foreign matter.  DO NOT apply product near an open flame.

Clean Up:

Application equipment should be cleaned immediately with Lacquer Thinner.  Use White Vinegar to clean hands and skin.  Do not allow NovaTuff P-550 to remain on tools!  Once it sets and is cured, it is difficult to remove.

Curing Time:

Pot Life: 2 hrs @ 80ºF

Drying Time: 6 hrs @ 80ºF

Total Cure: 36 hrs @ 80ºF


4-gallon units:

  • Three 1 gal cans containing Base (part “B”)
  • One 1 gal can containing Activator (part “A”)

20-gallon units:

  • Four 6 gal pails containing 3-3/4 gals of Base (part “B”)
  • One 6 gal pail containing 5 gals of Activator (part “A”)

Testing and Misc: 

  • Color: NovaTuff Standard Color (Tan)
  • Solids Content: 80% Solids
  • Mixing Ratio: 3 parts B to 1 Part A (3:1)
  • Adhesion-Pull-Off (D4541): Metal: 100% adhesion failure @ 2079 psi
  • Impact Resistance (D2794): 36 inch lbs. direct – passed

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions:

NovaTuff P-550 has a 12 month shelf life if unopened and stored between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow products to freeze.


For further assistance, contact one of our technicians via phone or e-mail:

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