Client asked about the energy rating you get on the epoxy roof?

NovaTuff RC-100 has a solar reflectance of 87% and emittance of 88%. A reflective roof is defined as one that provides at least 75% reflectivity and 65% emittance. NovaTuff RC-100 exceeds both of these standards. My tech data sheet shows these results.

Based on this reflectivity rating, Austin Energy does periodically offer rebates for applying spray-on or paint-on reflective roof coatings. This link discusses the Austin Energy rebate process.

You can also refer to the following article which references a Department of Energy study commissioned to document air conditioning and energy savings when retrofitting an existing building with a reflective roof.

In one of our customers’ recent installations, they used an IR camera to measure the roof temperature during installation of NovaTuff RC-100 flexible epoxy roof coating. On a modified bitumen roof during installation in May 2016, they measured a temperature of 140° F on the uncoated section, and 78° F on the coated section 5 feet away.

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